Know Safety, No Accidents

Our aim is to ensure a culture of safety where workers and third parties involved in our operations are not exposed to unnecessary risks to their health, security, safety and environment.  Stellar places a premium on operating in a manner acceptable to our workers, customers, stakeholders, and other third parties.

The following principles guide our quality, health, safety and environment performance;

  • Assess all risks, audit operations and devise appropriate controls

Hazards are identified, and the associated risks managed through internal audits, local legislative audit regimes,  client audits, and international certifications.

  • Work safely, and act safely in safe conditions

Workers and other third-party companies and their assigns are expected to adopt good and acceptable practices.  Stellar Logistics is committed to providing conditions under which all tasks will be conducted safely.

  • Ensure all quipment is inspected thoroughly before use

A vibrant and thorough inspection and maintenance regime is in place for all equipment. This is supported with our robust fleet management software.

  • Report all incidents including near-misses

Stellar Logistics requires reporting of all incidents, including near misses, to learn from and prevent re-occurrence.

  • Use appropriate PPE always

Stellar Logistics provides appropriate appropriate personal protective equipment which is to be worn at all times.

  • Adhere to all Stellar fatigue management practices and procedures

Several plans, procedures and measures have been adopted to deal with fatigue issues. This includes journey management plans with designated rest stops, QHSE based performance bonuses, and shift systems.

  • Ensure you are trained and competent for your task

Stellar Logistics has a well-developed training regime for all workers and third-party companies.

  • Prompt and appropriate emergency preparedness and action

Emergency response procedures have been instituted for all possible emergencies and the appropriate resources provided.

  • Good housekeeping

Stellar Logistics maintains a regular inspection regime in order to maintain all sites in good condition.

  • Give attention to the culture of good business relations

Stellar Logistics strives to have good and acceptable business dealings with all clients, customers, stakeholders etc at all times. International best practices as well as local regulations are adopted to achieve this aim.



  • Health and Safety Management Policy
  • Environmental Management Policy
  • Drug, Alcohol and Smoking Policy
  • Fatigue Management Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • Corrupt Practice Policy
  • Mobile Phone Policy
  • PPE Policy
  • Driver and Operator Recruitment Policy
  • Fitness for Work Policy
  • Road Transport Policy
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Quality Policy Statement
  • Community Policy
  • Social Corporate Responsibility Policy
  • Security Policy