In the world of transport and logistics, HEALTH AND SAFETY is very crucial, and that is why it forms an important part of our company’s culture.

COVID-19 Update

Our Accra, Tema,and Takoradi operations are continuing, and the majority of our admin staff are working remotely from home to provide service. With respect to our transport operations, we have formed a Ghana team of drivers and an international team.  The Ghana team will only deliver cargo within the borders of Ghana.  Our transport department will use the Tarkwa route to travel to Ahafo, thus avoiding the Kumasi lockdown, and any delays that might entail.

Our international team will continue to deliver cargo to Burkina Faso, Mali, and other West African countries as required.  Upon return to Ghana, the international team members will be sent directly to our hotel facility in Takoradi, Stellar Lodge, where the team will stay for an isolation period of 14 days.  The personnel will not receive visitors, and all food and laundry service will be carried out by the Lodge team.  They will be closely monitored for any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.  If one of our personnel do exhibit symptoms, then the appropriate health authorities in Takoradi will be notified.  Once the 14 day isolation period has been completed, and the personnel have not exhibited any symptoms, then they will be permitted to take on the next international delivery.